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Online media berita tangsel is a mass media presented online on the website or internet. Online media berita tangsel is a “third generation” mass media after printed media – newspapers, tabloids, magazines, books – and electronic media – radio, television and film / video. Online Media is an online journalistic product. The online journalism – called jugacy journalism – is defined as “reporting facts or events produced and distributed over the internet” (wikipedia). Technically or “physically”, berita tangsel online media is a media based on telecommunication and multimedia (computer and internet). Including categories of online media are portals, websites (websites, including blogs), online radio, online TV, and email. The content of online media consists of: Text, Visual / Picture, Audio, and Audio-Visual (Video).

In Indonesia berita tangsel initially only move the news content that is in the newspaper / newspaper to the internet media or in berita tangsel term. In other words news product with printed version online no difference, exactly the same. Berita tangsel does not have a printed version, although in its development never made a print version. It’s just that by publishing it twice a day for the print version is not live long and must be closed.