The risks of using ayahuasca recklessly

As you can see, the ayahuascas are very ancient leaves. They can’t be used recklessly for recreational purposes, it’s because of the side effects might be too heavy for people’s mind to handle. Not only that, the ayahuascas are also the important heritage of the Amazonian tribe. Misusing it is the same as offending the tribe and not respecting their culture. That’s why Ayahuasca should only be used as medicine.

The risk of drinking its tea without the necessary preparation can be severe. As many people know, while your own mind enters the inner sanctum of your own subconsciousness, you should expect to meet your own anxiety, fear, and guilt in their own true form. This can be too frightening and traumatizing when they meet these psychological manifestations of their own mental problems without the necessary preparation. The trip takes a lot of energy, so doing the preparation as the expert suggest while also avoiding all of the prohibitions is a must. Skipping even just one process can be very dangerous, and that’s why this ancient leaf must not be used for unimportant things.