Symptoms Damage In Air Conditioner

Not long ago we were in a office for rent lease, We bought a room that is quite spacious and neat. It was a long wait before we realized that the air in the room was hot even though we saw an Air Conditioner (AC) and it seemed to be active. We also noticed a remote Air Conditioner (AC) that was stuck on the table, Want to feel like we use the remote but we are uncomfortable. Without Air Conditioner (AC) in a closed room like this is obviously very hot, Air Conditioner (AC) is needed to cool the hot room like this and of course for clean air can enter. Then how to check Air Conditioner (AC) problematic, Seen active but not work as its function. Call the aircon service when you see symptoms of damage to your AC at home or portable.

If the remote does not work like its function then you try to check the remote battery Air Conditioner (AC), you can measure the power of batter with multitester whether it is still full or indeed has been reduced. Replace the remote barrier with a new one if it is already weak, and try again. If it still does not work there is a possibility problematic in its sensor. You can also try using the radio, switch on the radio and then close the remote with the radio and press one of the AC remote buttons. If the radio is like a disturbance then your remote works fine. No damage to your remote may be in the indoor AC section.