Setting the root domain

With Google currently more appreciative of websites that have SSL certification, then many websites are beginning to switch to https, but unfortunately, there are still many who access to its HTTP page can still be opened. This results in Google will identify this website is a duplicate website because it has two different URLs but with the same content. This also applies to websites that have more than 1 home page URL. Trust your company’s SEO process on Only with us, you will get the best SEO process.

Just like the mistakes made on no 3, many websites are currently not set up canonical tags, so Google can just assume one website is the same as 2 different websites. Making sure only one URL for one page is important so that Google does not assume a website is duplicate just because it has not set up Canonical Tags. This is a warning for websites that have a lot of widgets or components from other websites. For example, Facebook Like widgets, Google Adsense, Plugin Share This and various codes from other websites. The existence of this code can indeed beautify your website, but also can extend your website load, and as described in point no 1, Google prefers websites that have a fast load time. So just use the third party website code that is really needed.