Characteristics of Heart Disease At Young Ages

Heart disease is not looking at age either adults, teens, toddlers, men or women. All human levels can get this disease. Generally, because of a less healthy lifestyle that can cause symptoms of heart disease. If you have an unstable respiration aka shortness of breath, be on your guard. Usually affected by asthma. However, shortness of breath attack is one of the symptoms of heart disease. The explanation is that if there is a heart disease sometimes there is a fluid that enters the lung cavity, it is very disturbing air when entering the lungs until the finally experiencing shortness of breath. If when sleeping or risks, you experience shortness of breath, then you fall into the category of chronic or advanced heart disease. Although you are young, that does not mean you ignore your heart health, it would be better for you to maintain your heart health by taking the best nitric oxide health supplement.

If you often experience a headache dizzy until finally fainted, then it is one of the symptoms of heart disease. Generally, people with heart disease experience it. In one study, women were twice as likely to have vomiting, nausea, and indigestion for several months before a heart attack than men. This condition occurs because the blockage of fat in the arteries will reduce the blood supply to the heart that usually occurs in the chest can sometimes appear in the stomach. It depends on which part of the heart is impaired so it sends a pain signal to the lower part of the chest.